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Yungyin — Dr. Breen

Artist: → Yungyin





Yungyin — Dr. Breen — lyrics






{intro/hook: yung yin}
Yeah, yeah
Put some toxic waste on my obey
Yeah, yeah
Put some golden paint on my mid j’s









{verse 1: yung yin}
Pour up triple c’s in double cup (cup)
Tape under my shoes at the strip club (woah woah)
That is how i get my money up (money up)
I’m off that 京都念慈菴川貝枇杷膏 cough syrup
Got 3d printed two-tone dual glizzies (brrrrt)
Yeah i’m clutchin’ em’ like nunchucks on a wii (wii wii)
Your cop uncle smoke spice, he ain’t got weed (weed weed)
I put the agent orange in the potpourri (potpourri)








{bridge: yung yin}
I’m so sad yuh, cuz i’m no honey badger
But homies will thrash ya and we’ll dip wit’ a mask on (yeah we dip wit’ a mask on)
She call me abuser, i’m jus’ tryna improve her, it’s fuckin b3llt0w3r$h00t3r









{verse 2: b3llt0w3r$h00t3r}
Glock spittin’ bitch, i murder wit’ a hunnid rounds (hunnid rounds)
Money sounds {cash register sfx}
These hoes hella fat, they gain a hunnid pounds (hunnid pounds)
E-dog baby in the newsroom, wit’ bout a hunnid hounds (hunnid hounds)
Fuckin on yo sister boyfriend sidepiece, she make funny sounds (funny sounds)
Smoke a lot of weed and pop a addy, now i’m normal (now i’m normal)
Yo shawty ask to fuck and she bein’ real formal (she bein’ real formal)
Stop talkin’ shit bitch, yo last name is gormel (last name is gormel)
I jus’ fucked yo momma best friend, her name is laurel (her name is laurel)
Toot the fuck out of my ride, yeah i got the truck up (yeah i got the truck up)
My accountant talk too damn much, yo shut the fuck up (yo shut the fuck up)
I jus’ robbed a white man for his fresh-ass mukluks (fresh ass mukluks)
I’ma fight yo son, make that pussy bitch tuck up








{hook: yung yin}
Yeah, yeah
Put some toxic waste on my obey
Yeah, yeah
Put some golden paint on my mid j’s










{verse 3: mr. bone$}
(frrrrrt bing)
Yeah bitch, that’s the money sound (money yuh)
Slap you with a rack, that’s a money ow yuh (that’s a money owww)
Heard he want the smoke, that’s a hunnid rounds (that’s a hunnid rounds)
All my dogs straight hunnid now we out the pound (yuh that’s a {?})
Bloodhounds, hellhounds, boneman (bonemaaaan)
If you don’t fuck with gms, then you alone, man (alone maaaaan)
Cryin’ in the parkin lot, you a grown man (grown maaaan)
(just stop man!)
No man
Dr. breen bitch i’m off the lean
Molly rocks in the wock yeah that shit turn pink yuh
I don’t think (i don’t think yuh)
Call me trevor cuz i fucked that bitch on the sink, yah (on the sink yuh)
Skeleton vlone, call me mr. bone$ (call me mr. bone$)
If you brush teeth, on gms, you better floss (floooosssss)
G-street, don’t you open up a fuckin door (now we at a door yuh)
We ain’t got no weed, we smoke up all the fuckin dope (smokin dope yuh)
Gms x flocka, we go hard in the paint (kickin in yo door)
Suckin on my dick, fuck a bitch in the taint (you already know)
Foldin’ baton, my dick is collapsible, hand me ya rackables (yeah we fucked yo hoe, yuh)
Bitch playin’ tetris, her pussy is stackable (ay, ay, you already know yuh)
Teddy k bitch i’ma blow up the capitol
Whip in the phantom how i’m supernatural










{hook: yung yin}
Yeah yeah (mr. bone$: you already know that)
Put some toxic waste on my obey
Yeah yeah (mr. bone$: you already know that)
Put some golden paint on my mid j’s (mr. bone$: you already know that)










{break/bridge: ilean}
Yung yin 59 and ilean, we blow the planet up
I’m sippin’ robitussin mixed with wockhardt out my double cup (yuh)
White girl started dancin’, i start laughin’, tell her fuck it up
She gettin’ really pissed and calls her boyfriend, that’s not funny cuz









{verse 4: ilean}
If you fuckin’ with e-dog, i’ma make yo ass meet god (grrra grra)
Gms movin’ murderous, you should know we’re a 1337 squad
Akimbo my choppa, back and forth, just like a seesaw (bop bop bop bop bop)
When ya done with this song, check ya bank account, ya racks are gone {money counter sfx}
Pop some ibp’s and walk around like a xanhead
My hoes is really stupid, yeah they givin’ me xan head (dayum)
I only shoot to kill, fuck you mean we should can him? {coughing}
I’m stackin’ big blue bills, i’m a virtual bandit
I’ll handle it, anything that you could ever throw at me
I drank too much robo and now i suffer from hppd (hppd!) {pouring up sfx}
I gave my girl a stick and made her scam, she a mini-me
I got a lotta bands and you do not, you’re offending me
Fendi on me, no the fuck it’s not that shit is fuckin’ trash (fuck dat’ shit)
I wear shit you ain’t never even heard of, i got too much cash
I facetime yo momma, and i tell her to start shakin’ ass
Best watch yo tone bitch-boy, i’ma be yo new stepdad (damn right)







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