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Jmash — He’s Dead

Artist: → Jmash



Jmash — He’s Dead — lyrics





How’s he alive man i’m f*ckin’ baffed
See me and they’re done when they end up-
One too many opps in the sky
Got me thinking who’s in my three five
Everytime i see blue let some off



{hook — jmash}
OO got put in a pack (he’s dead)
SSB got put in a pack (he’s dead)
C1 got put in a pack (he’s dead)
MOB got put in a pack (he’s dead)
MET got put in a pack (he’s dead)
CROSE should be in a pack
How’s he alive man i’m f*cking baffed




{verse 1 — jmash}
Act for the snap and ladies (dickhead)
Don’t get blammed in your leg
Then crawl on the floor like a f*cking baby (bap bap)
Call me a neek deep down they rate me (they rate me)
Opps in the can cah they love get rapey (ugh)
Don’t lack at a dance for a barbie (don’t do it)
Am got chinged up in carni (am man)
What’s all this talk on my dargies
Now he got chinged and left by his darkies (ha ha)
Blackz got chinged at a shop like woah (ugh)
Tskeng got two o didn’t you know (ah)
Same week r1 took a big {?} (free my nigga)
Bro’s in the can cah he turned man crawl (he’s dead)
In court yr went claiming ct (what?)
Don’t hide in court like {?} (don’t do it)
This is the truth no fiction
Free up snow that’s dot dots crickling
Opps don’t stop in continuous ticking
Cheff anyone like barbecue chicken
Solomon’s line got put to rest
Free r1 that’s shanks in chests
I’m on the opp block with my stab proof vest
Can’t be on my blood that’s little s (can’t be on bro)
Can’t be on my blood that’s little s




{verse 2 — rd}
I’m in the bando dishing out pebs
And i can’t stop till i’m rich on ends
On the fast and i got no friends
Just bill it and kweng when they call for the peng
On the opp block looking for them
See me and they’re done when they end up dead (where they at?)
And i got one brown and leng
She whips for me in the bando den (whip it)
She’ll line up when she sees gems
That’s smoke for him, smoke for his friend
And this white keeps calling my phone
I might pick up that’s maybe if i like her
In the field niggas know i’m a striker
Two zks me and bro just {?}
I’m not no internet typer
Circled there twice and i still can’t find ya (where they at?)
I reload on boxes of 9ers one 410 not two for a fiver
And the other side they always just liars
They want {?} but they never do
Cs got chinged and his borer too
Two hours lurk, where’s them yutes?
Handtings dots and kitchens too
I run up in your house and i take all the food (let me get that)
I run up in your house and i take all the food




{verse 3 — tm}
Trust me all the opps and just wet
They keep responding like they got nine lives
Broski asked for one live, of course i’m live
We’re going on glides
Got too many opps in the sky
Got me thinking who’s in my three five
Don’t wanna buck bro with his knife
I’m in the bando tryna serve this white
Bad b keeps calling my line
But sorry darling i can’t wine and dine (sorry darling)
But me and v hold this knife
Then maybe darling we can bonnie and clyde
Cs he already got bored that teach him a lesson not to cross that line (don’t)
Astar should’ve been in the sky
Crose got bunned now there’s bullets in his spine




{verse 3 — lil s}
Give me a drop and you know i’m at it
The new plates keep on chatting
Back then gang used to like them for their rappings
Now i’m pissed off should’ve left him in splashings (wet that)
But they talk on my name so much
I’m starting to think that my opps are faggots (gay boy)
Everytime i see blue let some off
It’s coming like fed chases are becoming a habbit
I saw csav let him have it
Same for cs pulled up let him have it
If you see me move osav don’t panic or mash
Most of my opps are brass, facts
Don’t get put in a pack
More time they get caught on a lack and dash
Sometimes they might back their shank but i stand my ground and i swing at hats
Like e6 get bored in your back (ouch)
More like abz get put in a pack (haha)
Like e6 get bored in your back (ouch)
More like abz get put in a pack (dead boy)
Get put in a pack




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