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Liz Anya — LIZZY DREAMS — lyrics




Big wu


Ok i’m feeling real fertile
I’m tryna find someone to come hit it till im purple
Man or woman i don’t care just throw it in a circle
Get real verbal
Imma tell you how i want it, wet like squirtle
Yeah i’ma need to erp at least 3 times a night
So i let wayne eat it like chicken fried rice
I saw randy at the buffet he put that egg roll on a plate
Now he acting all different cause he wanna taste
Used to call mr. k on the daily and shit
How you want the “pushy” talking like a baby and shit
Garrett said my pussy look likе vinny’s head
Cause it’s bald and
This kitty got em malding
Comе put it in a coffin
Yeah you know i like them big boys, dequarius and taco
I’d let them run a train on me
Oop can’t forget ramee
I guess i’ll let him give it a lick
But i don’t know the pussy wet or if he spittin’ and shit
Lizzy dreams
You know im just playin’ with you
But if you wanna come hit this
What you waiting for boo?
Lizzy dreams
You know im just playin’ with you
But if you wanna come hit this
Imma press snooze


If me and april fooze rendezvoused it’d be on the news
Pixel perfect pussy poppin, we ain’t sellin’ nudes
She could come under the covers and she bring can ray too
Two cg chains bouncing on my birthday suit


Dean quincy knows that he been a bad doggy
He wanna shoot me but with the wrong artillery
I keep him on a leash yeah you could call that synergy (now what the dog doin?)
Put them guns down and suck this pussy like a leech



Niko rain this a hit, when he rub my g spot
Let dwayne give me wiked dick but then we got caught
Valentine said open sesame and now she wanna scissor me



Noelle wanna submit to me said baby this your destiny


Let me tell you story bout uchiha he tried to stick a claw in me i said ah ah ah
Only crows feet i like when they are on my boy bobby
Fuck it, might aswell ménage a tois with molly
Lizzy dreams
You know im just playin’ with you
But if you wanna come hit this
What you waiting for boo?
Lizzy dreams
You know im just playin’ with you
But if you wanna come hit this
Imma press snooze


Buddha said he wanna watch me wrestle his rooster
But i’m too petite im gonna need a booster
Got them hamburger patties, mr tony corleone
You wanna flip and sautee em in some dom perignon?
Yuno, i always had my eye on him
But he gon have to keep the mask if i let him hit
I did some freaky shit with jean paul in uwu cafe
Excuse my french but i think he wants this pussy in his face
I gave france 10k now she wanna do a foursome
She tried to steal my man but she don’t know that i endorse em
I told france sit down, told francis stand up
Now they right height to slurp this pussy like a scallop
Man paris is my baby said we going eiffel but her hair is so bright yeah that bitch an eyeful

Shout out slick and the hobos but that’s too much bacteria
I’d have to call up mari, come and morph my interior


Lizzy dreams
You know im just playin’ with you
But if you wanna come hit this
What you waiting for boo?
Lizzy dreams
You know im just playin’ with you
But if you wanna come hit this
Imma press snooze
If i was the fifth bimbo, then we’d have 15 holes
We could invite an entire gang to come do a spitroast
You know the t in tommy t is for terrific dick
I don’t know why lana wanna do the splits with chicks
Okay now penny and curtis and kitty and goofy invited me to be the fifth in their erp orgy

Me and penny got on top and started riding like a horsey
They better hope them dicks come with a warranty
Now carmella had to bring the sauce for this mozzarella
Feel up on my layers, freaky shit, we ain’t vanilla
Yo i heard oswald is still alive in cuba
Him and tupac better come and blow this pussy like a tuba
But there’s only one bitch that keeps me satisfied every single day
Black top, black chaps, black lingerie
If you want it done right, get it done yourself
Uh, imma have to go and fuck myself


Cause the only bitch that could ever make me feel some type of way is me
None of you bitches could ever come fucking close
Let’s set the record straight bitch
No more funny business (i don’t even know why you bitches try anymore)


These bitches keep switching they tone
When they get some more clout
Babe you’re really not special
They all imitate, cause they know that i ate, they can hate but they not on my level
How you a fan, you a stan, you was kissing my ass cause you wanted a mention
Now you think you made it you tryna discredit me
Mama’s back, sons pay attention
See how the energy change when i get on stage
I got that it factor you could never replicate
I got the confidence you lack, that’s why i dominate
I lick it clean while you servin’ them a full plate

Bitch, i was the first to do the shit your faves are doin
That’s why i always devour while the other bitches chewing
Don’t you know you can’t outdo the outdo-er
Set the bar so high, got you bitches in the sewer
Hasta la vista
You not my amiga
Last time i checked
Your label dont want you either
Bitch you replaceable just like a fleeca
Gon hit and quit it
Ran through cause you’re weaker
So when you fall off dont beg me for a feature
Ima dead your career like the reaper
I’ma do it with a single release yeah
Maybe that will fucking teach you


Lizzy nightmares
(i been living rent free in your dreams hoe)
Lizzy nightmares
(put some respect on lizzy and niko)
Lizzy nightmares
(never forget who put you bitches on)
That’s it!



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