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Jayce — Rain

Artist: → Jayce




Jayce — Rain — lyrics




I used to couldn’t stand the rain all this pain in my vains
But i feel like a boss now
Told my mama i’m gone be on top now
You niggas be flaugin yall niggas all talk
And i run up a bag cause i’m walkin the walk now (walk now)
Gotta turn a little to lot now (lot now)
Now my ex, asking god like how- (like how)
I kept my head straight i kept grinding and shit on the way to the top feel like miles and shit
Had ya head in a ditch had you crying and shit
Told that bitch no no i ain’t buying her shit yeah. (i ain’t buying her nothing yay)
Yeyay, shordy keep telling me pick up the phone i can’t pick up the phone gone be out on the road and i ain’t coming home
(no looking back yeah)
No no no. got my plan. got my brothers fuck a friend (fuck these niggas)
Been told these niggas i’m the man
Gone do it all they said i can’t
(through the rain through the rain yeah)
(through the rain through the rain yeah)
(through the rain through the rain yeah)
(through the rain through the rain yeah)
Told em bout it
Bout my paper
Through the rain
You still can’t take it
Just live yo life gone be amazing
To the top gone keep on racing
I been, living life without a bitch
Always stressing me out snap me out of it
Said you was gone.. be there, now you left me in the deep end
But it’s cool bitches change like the seasons (ohh no no no)
I just wanna ball on the camera
Forget about planners need me a new life to pursue (new new)
Now it feels like the start cause i’m startin to do it (imma do it oh yaay)
Was failing my class never going to school and
Now it’s straight to a bag now yeah, yay. now it’s straight to a bag now, yay
So let me ask you a question
When you look at my niggas what’s yo’ first impression
Does the sight of us leave you guessing or do you understand the stressin’
The aggression
The look of no hope on my niggas face it’s like the lord overlooked us when he handed down his graces
You see embraces
Fall short on the fingers of street entrepreneur’s
External blingers is all we can be cause on the inside we been given nothin to shine on
And the gig is more harder to find than coke
So a nigga get his grind on






Remember them nights i was outside last
Now i glew up had to get me a bag
Member was you you you you you (it was you)
Now i’m shining and you seeing it too
Member down in the bathroom, serving that work (on god)
Wasn’t thinking no school wasn’t thinking no church (shit i do now)
Had my own way with god, and i’m thankful for that never letting me down
And thankful my mama she stayed thru drama i know when i call her she be there. (i love you ma)
Told me live and learn you gone see yeah (imma see)
Before you gone make it they hate for no reason (tragic)
Like bro said wilding, styling (shout out splash)
I’m finna take off and go miles and
No doubt about it my niggas cause havoc
Fo’nem stay with the ratchet you know he a savage yeah
Told em i’m right here on a mission get outta here (i’m gone)
Imma do it thru the rain and keep smoking up outta there (yay)
Cause me, me (cause me)
I’m gone be the one you see, see (the one you see see see see)
I wake up, smoke a wood every morning, it’s what’s keeping me going (light one up yeah)
Ain’t no stopping my flow it’s too hard and
I’m coming down on the court like i’m harden (like im james)
And i told that lil bitch just stop it yeah (just stop)
Why you hating you basic ain’t popping yeah (hell nah)
But im making it happen, just got stick to rapping, you know that’s a fact and
Thru the rain
(made a promise imma make it thru to the rain yeah, gonna make thru the rain yeah. told my mama i’m gonna make it thru the rain yeah, gonna make thru the rain yeah. made a promise imma make it thru the rain yeah, gonna make thru the rain yeah. told my mama i’m gonna make it thru the rain yeah, gonna make thru the rain yeah)

It’s jayce in this bitch





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