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CyHi — CyHi Freestyle LA Leakers Freestyle #144

Artist: → CyHi





CyHi — CyHi Freestyle LA Leakers Freestyle #144 — lyrics






Confessional soliloquies, a lesson of humility
It’s hard when our fathers in correctional facilities
If it wasn’t for my professional ability
I would probably be somewhere on a level 4, where killers be
But i’m off of russian road, with a extra load of hillary
Straight from mexico, my connections go to italy
Blessed soul, sold oregano from piccadility
We had the gas and water, paid the mortgage from utilities
Niggas ask for smoke so i try to keep the sig with me
And i’m talkin’ in code, shawty i keep that thingamajig with me
My spirit lives forever, even if they kill me physically
What do you call a black sheep that made it past the streets?
The escape goat, but them bullets never riddled me, ha-ha
Okay, here’s another riddle peep
There’s 4 of us in the car and i put my bitch in the middle seat
’cause the mossberg pump ride shotgun, literally
I was taught, never get caught at the stoplight
Be flash forever, i wish i could make it alright
But i had to learn how to make it home, make it all rights
Get what i’m sayin’? alright
Nigga shootin’ in the air, never had a dogfight
Glock with the fog light, i done lived a hard life, right
Man, these streets’ll show you no mercy
Like leftover thanksgivin’, i went cold turkey
The most worthy, i took a flow that’s so murky
They call me 4:30, that means i was woke early
Had to get my teeth fixed, rest in peace to ol’ dirty
Ain’t them hoe pearly?
Yeah, okay, let’s switch the topic
I might just drop a christian project, niggas still’ll cop it
I’m a catholic, that’s philosophic, yeah
And my freestyles are philanthropic, yeah
So that makes me a non-profit, get the logic
Used to be a con artist, but i never picked the pocket
My partner still doin’ time, imagine me stealin’ watches, huh
They botched a robbery and had to kill the hostage
Real life chronicles, the honorable, muhammad, who changed lives
My songs can do the same things the quran’ll do
Life ain’t fair, nah, and neither is the carnival
They get payed when you lose, how you think they make they money fool?
Sunday school over one’s and two’s, in the middle of tongue and grove
It’s wisdom in my rendezvous
Cyphers in the cafeteria, makin’ niggas run they food
First, i would kill a mic, then i make ’em run they juice
Part ii:









Yeah, pull off in the farm, watch your fishtail
We was weighin’ fish scale on a fish scale, no, really a fish scale
You know the one with the hook on it that you hang by the fish gill
We was gettin’ the men, i’m talkin’ big bells
Huh, plus them nick cell, they been fears down
I’m just a rich player, never did jail
Man, forget 12 but if you did tell
Snitchin’ on the click, it wouldn’t sit well
They goin’ be your mama how was seek shells
A couple bands on your head, i’m talkin’ pigtails
I be rappin’ like i don’t think my shit smell
Shawty, got a dark mouth, i never did yell
The relationship fell so that shit sells
School, i would skip hell
But i learned that «silent» and «listen» is the same word, just misspelled
«silent» and «listen» is the same word, just misspelled
Silent, listen, eh
Y’all’ll get that, i got my ged, i guess it’s still a diploma
I’m in the trap house ’cause niggas get killed on the corner
Old head in the kitchen with the williams-sonoma
Had to boil the box all to kill the aroma, uh
Fuck around and have mesothelioma
I was sellin’ gas, i never had any homework, huh
Huggin’ the block, that bitch made me a loner
Even when i think about grindin’, i still get a boner, i still get up on her
That’s why i keep bringin’ up old shit, i need to chill with the plunger
I ain’t that rich yet, i still live in the jungle
They got lion, hyenas and gorillas livin’ among us
No nintendo games, niggas kinfolk slang
Them info swang right below where the trench coat hang
Insults came, had to revenge your gang
Now you see his son through the glass, that’s the windows pane
So, let us twist romaine
To be a rapper in the hood, that’s how you built your name
Like when the hair arm stick your vein and hit your brain
If ain’t the dopest nigga ever, you must sniff cocaine
Listen, since everybody wanna talk about the ghost writer
I wrote fire for most of your favorite artists so i inspired this whole generation, y’all are ghost-biters
Technically speaking, i’m everybody’s co-writer
Flow tighter, them fish pussy stanks to the most higher
Kick and pimping, my nigga, don’t get your hoe hired
Former coke driver, ferragamo coat buyer
Who you know flyer, stefano ricci bow tie
Let me run this joke by ya, ha-ha
Every rapper was richer before rap but i was broke prior
You was never in the trap with the toast buyer
Broke the microwave, so we hit it with the blow dryer
A dozen roses on my show rider ’cause
Niggas will never give me my flowers
Kept it a hundred when i spoke, i belong on the lowrider
Got the world at my fingertips, i’m a globetrotter
I’m on loot fans, i’m with a loop dance
So we the new tandem, too random, but i’m too handsome
To be out here prancin’ around in the new phantom with a cute banter who blew me down like a snoop anthem
Made her my main bitch, she in new hampshire
I’m the type to hold your boo ransom
Told her i don’t do cameras and the cool manner
I said it’s principles baby, and i’m the school chancellor, huh
Cute answer this, she threw a tantrum
It’s a new scandal every day on the news channel
So, i’m paranoid, i got my hand on my tool handle
’cause when you’re the shit, niggas, they wanna stew sample
I’m from where they step on niggas, don’t get your crew trampled
’cause when it’s your time, it’s your time, you can’t shoot cancer
You can’t shoot cancer
My daddy worked too hard so we ain’t do santa—









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