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ZOIS — Purgatorial

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ZOIS — Purgatorial — lyrics




We may not all be the same, but we all have one thing in common. We all share that one experience none of us can‘t even remember anymore. The day or night, the stars lit up and the sun or the moon guided the entrance to wonderland. A space full of miracles, an infinitude of magical happenings, where some may be enchanted and some may not





We‘ve all been kissed by the brilliance of the sun and the curiosity of the moon the day we’re born. We‘ve been graced with attitudes, interests and abilities — vested to take a mysterious journey, equipped to conquer the roads of life
But in the progress of growing up we slowly alienate from our inner truth, till one day we‘re fully denatured
It‘s that one kind of truth, of realness, that nothing but nature has given us the day we‘re born






Though millions of the wisest heads have been taken their steps on earthly ground and graced our books and culture with all they learned, with all they wanted to learn — and with what they will never know. It happened, that former societies have implanted a great god-complex in our beliefs that survived all the alleged secularization and all our scientistic progress





There‘s one big fallacy since the beginnings of all time: the fault that humankind is such as overbearing to think that we as the species of mankind have gotten a special right to anything in this world. We tend to think that this planet is meant for us. And just for us. Let me tell you, It‘s not
We‘re presumptuous enough to assume we could rule over the oceans, the air, the forests, the animals, even the universe and our own species. Human‘s just suffering from a massive, devastating god-complex, that just keeps on destroying anything in this world, including even our human nature and the planet itself





The idea of god is at least as ever-present as ancient. It‘s the idea of giving yourself away, complying to obedience and becoming another cog in a system that is just ravenous to all your inner instincts that implies your dreams and cravings within your deepest emotions
It’s an absolutistic, oppressive structure formed by people in higher positions making sure you‘re not falling out of line to not threaten this exploitative system. We may not fight the medieval cruelties of church to the extent, but through the years religion have raised their younger brother called politics in this position of suppressing authority. You can prove the familiar relations in the lies that seem to be anchored in the DNA of both






Whilst even the ancients tended to guess that the sky, or heaven with all its giant celestial miracles must be responsible for all we can observe and anything beyond, we finally must admit: Our knowledge is limited. Our existence is limited. We are limited — just as anything else in this world. But the overbearing human pride would never allow to admit such weakness as that he‘s just nothing better than an ape that knows how to dress well or maybe even worse. Where’s the difference between animals and us?





Well, if we‘re just living-beings whose time here on earth is limited by death, we must assume that our lives is the only eternity we may ever know. Since we simply can not know if there‘s some sort of afterlife experience, we need to proceed on the assumption that our life is the only eternity we have
So if we‘re wasting it away to third-partys ideologies and expectations without regards for own personal wishes and ideas — don‘t we create something we legitimately can call the eternal suffering? The eternal torture?





Thus we still can not tell if there’s a so called heaven that is gonna reward us for all we achieved during our poor little lifetime, whilst serving those who told us so
But on the other hand we can see: hell is real. Hell is a place on earth human created to smother any idea of liberty in your emotion, your spirituality and corporeality. Hell is what our system caused
A place to let everyone unconsciously follow towards their personal doom. An eternal torture for the unholy and defiant individuals, the ones that can not or don’t want to take pace with your pretentious abundance of norms and givens. The everlasting pain caused by the frustration and despair of ignoring our deeper self-recognition. So it seems to be quite true when someone said „what matters most is how well you walk through the fire“





So what we can see is: There‘s no good written by gods feather
Because nature contains all truth we‘re looking for. We’re just not capable of revealing all its secrets
We are responsible for anything happening in this world. We take actions and the universe brings reaction
And When nature is Satans church — and it is
You‘ll see what you’re gonna get back from it






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