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Z-FLO — The White People Song

Artist: → Z-FLO



Z-FLO — The White People Song — lyrics




This song is dedicated to a certain kind of people, which just so happens to be— my other favorite kind of people


You know the ones that like to you know; hurt themselves bro? Skateboard ollie bro, kickflip, split their lip bro?… Kick me in the nuts, bro? You get what I’m saying, right?


White people, I get bullied in school
I can’t wait til I’m a cop so I can bully you, White People


White people, no no, we can’t dance
And I don’t whoop my kids or spank their hands
White people
(Bad Michael, go to your room!)


Verse 1:

If you poke me on my arm, I bruise easily
So I only quarterback in the Football League


I like to watch porn, I can fap for days
And my favorite potato chips are Lays (because they’re white)


I take weird drugs like ecstasy
Mushrooms, Crystal Meth, and LSD


We put it in a pipe, or a homemade bong
And watch out for the priest, he will rape your son


And most of us will die trying out for Fear Factor
I guess that’s why they say I’m just a country-loving, deer-hunting, rabbit-eating, redneck, inbreeding, beer-drinking, small penis…. did I mention we drive a tractor?


We’re red when we’re mad, when we’re sick, we’re green
Only race in the world that eats sardines


White girls, flat butts, and I know that’s mean
But if you try to eat the booty, taste like saltines
(Back far away from that anus)


A white woman came to me to bash my song
Until she realized I was black and then she…. zipped her purse?


White people, I get bullied in school
I can’t wait til I’m a cop so I can bully you
White People


White people, no no, we can’t dance
And I don’t whoop my kids or spank their hands
White people
(See this is probably why all those white kids shoot up schools)


Hold up, hold up; we can’t have a white song without any country music in it
We all like country music, nawh-nah- no-hum-nawh
You never understand what I’m saying, nawh-nah-nawh-nah nah nahnah nannah humh NAWR


But if you ever come to Texas…. come chill with me on my porch
‘Cause we all got shotguns, and we all commute by horse


We have farms, we like to mosh, We like Family GUYYY and we like Tosh!!! I guess my point here is… if you’re white, we automatically like you


White people, I get bullied in school
I can’t wait til I’m a cop so I can bully you, White People


White people, Can’t jump that high
So if you tryna lose the cops, find a fence nearby
White people


White People
Since 76, being jerks making other races look like sh**
White People
(Seriously, all of us are racist)


White People
I know you can’t stand me
But we all still evolved from a chimpanzee
White People


Alright, this is probably also the most racist song I’ve ever written, but if you laughed, you’re racist too…. So I don’t feel bad…. besides…. it’s not racist if I’m human. Get it? The human race? Ha, ha, ha, that’s how white people laugh..


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