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Westside Gunn — Switches On Everything

Artist: → Westside Gunn



Westside Gunn — Switches On Everything — lyrics





[Verse 1: El-P]
Before it was in the breeze, dabbed, smoked and tinkered the keys
And dashed to Florida Keys to ski, do snow as he pleased
And me and my two sisters made three, NYC
Where they’re suffocating your dreams, look behind the steel beams
On the Bowery, fiends cowing, tourists love not to see
On the train we felt free, sneak below control street
By the time I hit the leap, been out my teens for like a week
By the time I hit a lick it couldn’t changе me in the least
See, I could only see thе cash flows, the briefest of reprieves
So my heart is not for sale, the fetty vanished, c’est la vie
Gunn said he hang with dealers but he fucked with that RT-
J, I told him I do drugs and bump Griselda with my fleet
Spray these crumbs with dirty penwork, put the snub to every beat
Every clause is not competed, it’s the law you eat my cleats
I don’t haggle with you sentient meats, I keep it brief
Give a fuck if I get flowers, I’m still layin’ down these wreaths


[Chorus: Westside Gunn]
(Grrrt) Ayo, switches on everything
I don’t leave the house unless there’s switches on everything, whoa (Grrrt)
Ayo, switches on everything
I don’t leave the house unless there’s switches on everything (Grrrt)



[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
Allow me to make a confession (‘Fession)
I have not learnt all my lesson (Lesson)
I’m still rollin’ and blowin’ and smokin’ on dope
While I’m grippin’ my weapon (Weapon)
I used to hide dope in the ceiling (Ceiling)
Sometimes I be missin’ the feelin’ (Feelin’)
Of goin’ back and forth between books and the crooks
Ooh, I felt like a chameleon (‘Meleon)
I made typical mythical (Mythical)
I performed miracles, whimsical (Whimsical)
And I get paid for gracin’ the stage
Shit talkin’, grabbin’ my genitals (Genitals)
I keep it pimpin’ on principle (Principle)
My ego stay on invincible (‘Vincible)
If yo’ bitch a bitch and treat you like a bitch
Both of you bitches identical (Bitch)
Piccolo, piccolo, piccolo
Look at this nigga-ish negro
Both of my charm a key or mo’
The next one, it gotta be bigger though
I was so slick with the give and go
I never got caught with the pitchin’ snow
I’d like to thank Elohim
For lettin’ my revenue stream (Stream)
For lettin’ me triple my beam (Beam)
I took and he let me receive (‘Ceive)
Basic instructions before leaving Earth
And the chapters I mastered was cream (Cream)
Jewel runner runnin’ with Gunn (Gunn)
All of us run with our guns (Guns)
Hands in the air, now keep ’em up there
And everyone run all their funds (Run)



[Chorus: Westside Gunn]
(Grrrt) Ayo, switches on everything
I don’t leave the house unless there’s switches on everything, whoa (Grrrt)
Ayo, switches on everything
I don’t leave the house unless there’s switches on everything (Grrrt)



[Verse 3: Stove God Cooks]
Told the plug from now on when you stampin’ my bricks
Make sure it’s the image of God and let me be clear
The image of God is the image of me and my niggas
The Last Supper is me at the table with twelve water whippers (All my niggas cook)
Stove Jesus in the sky cookin’ yayo in the big dipper (Haha)
I’m the same nigga from the shop steps, just a bit richer
‘Cause I seen the big picture (I did)
I seen the money triple (We did) I seen the fed pick-ups (Whoo)
I seen them snatch his soul then lift his mask then take a picture (Brrt, brrt, bap-pap-pap)
They do it all in front of the net like they turn the block boys (You niggas crazy)
Wanted the whole hood to be rich, we really had block goals
We really prayed for a brick, we really had blocked goals
Twenty later, we on a million, I think I’m Wallo
I think I’m killin’ ’em softly, I got a hill of money like Lauryn
Cocaine feathers on my wing, soarin’, I had to beat the sun, cook up early
I turned the heat on, put thirty-three in, it was Alonzo Mourning (Whoo)
You gotta be born in, we drove the foreign in (We drove the, uh)
Joey come when the day start but I pull up like 4 AM
Like, what you got? What you want? I had a pot and a fork
Last shit I cooked would’ve got five Pyrexes in the Source





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