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Tud Central — GAS GIANT (Tud Anthem

Artist: → Tud Central




Tud Central — GAS GIANT (Tud Anthem — lyrics






Verse 1 (Big Down):
Ski train
My pain
No brain
Full main
I’m just chillin’
I’m just chilling

When a tud interacts with another tud, they will apply equal and opposite forces







Tissue please
Runny nose goes and flows
Verse 2 (Robrocop):
Blue jeans
Blue dreams
All about my crew things
J crew
Brooks brothers
Doctoral regalia
Ready for my graduation
Big plans
White sands
All about them green bands
Space ship
All that shit that got me hear
Call me a gas giant
The way I’m farting on y’all









Verse 3 (Seaman):
First tеam all state not once but twice
First tеam all state not once but twice
First team all state not once but twice
I Handle my bars like I’m riding a bike
This is light
This is light
Mess wit me boutta say good night
Good night good night goodnight
Good mornin
I feel so high might as well be soarin
Even when I’m quiet, I am never boring
Like a bird
I’m boutta drop on y’all like turd
I ain’t mumble yall can understand my words
My words my words
This is absurd absurd absurd turds
Verse 4 (J Money):
Swaggin’, not saggin’
My chick got a wagon
How to Train Your Dragon
My nuts keep on draggin’
My flows keep on draggin’
My cash keep on stackin’
Messy, need a napkin
I said messy, need a napkin
J Money in the stu
Pop Smoke woo
Crippin’ on blue
How do you do?
Covid flu
I’m throwing food
I’m throwing food
I’m throwing food
She asked me when I’ll be over
I said I’ll get there soon









Verse 5 (Jaquita):
Fuck on the whores
Close all the doors
Whippin the Porsche
Favorite color
Gimme some more
Champagne I pour
Hundreds in store
Upwards I soar
Upwards I soar









Money only in dreams
Taking my to tuds to the top
Yeah they straight my team
Yeah these bars so fresh
Yeah these bars so clean








Get a few grand
Stacking my bands
Join the Tud Central clan
If you don’t then you’re Klan
If you don’t then you’re Klan
If you don’t then you’re Klan
If you don’t then you’re Klan








Verse 6 (8AM):
Smoking some weed gettin higher
Fucking some men like I’m Tyler
Got all these hoes and they be moaning like a fucking choir









Got a lake house I’m visiting
Got all these balls I’m dribbling
Hagler be belittling
When I see them hoes know that I’m going in







I’m Worshipping Jesus on Easter
Yuh I really want peaster
Said she don’t wanna fuck so Duh I fucking released her yuh








Verse 7 (Lil’ Wang):
It took a long time to get us here
But let’s take a look at what got us here
These four years were shit
But this is it
We got our futures to nurture and live our lives
Chasing the bag like tag looking for that true joy
And It’s our right to have no worries to be at ease
To quit the hate comments and have fun night
So let’s take the happy moments and run outside








Verse 8 (Tar Tar Binks):
You know I like coffee, call me a Dutch hoe
Me llamo tatiana y yo soy loco
About 6’3 I’ll step on yo toes
But don’t ask me how the weather is bitch u already know
Im’ma reincarnate as the next Pop Smoke
But I’m a little ticklish so please don’t poke
You know I’m number 1 , no I ain’t no hoax
Yeah ayyy
Most unathletic tud? BITCH








Verse 9 (PST):
Pull up be
Be be be (what)
C P 3
We got 3
3, 3, 3
Pull up 3
3 3 3
I got lean
Lean, lean, lean
Sippin lean
Lean, lean, lean
What 3
3, 3, 3
I need a
Team, team, team
(Aww that’s hard)
I got big bags
Countin’ up racks racks
I got stacks stacks
Throw yo bitch back back
Smoking crack crack
Sellin packs packs
Roll up packs packs
Movin packs packs
I been movin’ kilos on some street shit
Pull up to the park wit yo mama at a picnic
I been flying sparks flick my finger on the clit clit
I been making moves, not just money but that beat shit (what)







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