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Treacherous Three — Gotta Rock

Artist: → Treacherous Three



Treacherous Three — Gotta Rock — lyrics




Party on the dance floor, party people want more
Time to hear something from the treacherous three
Special k, and la; sunshine and the coolest of the kool moe dee


Heavy competition, often opposition
Everybody knows that we’re number one
Now it’s time to produce, and really get loose
And let the people know that we got the juice


Gotta rock!
Gotta rock!
Gotta rock!
Gotta rock!


{verse 1}
While you’re standing and staring and busy comparing
The sound to the sound that you already heard
Your body’s moving ’cause the beat is grooving
Your mind, your body and emotions (word)
This self-explaining, beat is pertaining
To those who like to dance and listen
To rappers and rate ’em, love ’em and hate ’em
According to the skills they lack the (?…)
So reminiscence and think about this
Most rappers sound like us with a twist
But they’re a sloppy carbon copy and they’re not really down
’cause this is how they’re supposed to sound
Now that people know you, now it’s time to show you
Why we are still number one
You make fresh records, but you still can’t rap
And this is how the job is done


Gotta rock!
Gotta rock!
Gotta rock!
Gotta rock!


Kool moe dee, kool moe dee, kool moe dee, kool moe dee, kool moe dee


{verse 2: kool moe dee}
Innovator, fast rhyme inventor
Perpetrators, (?…) you are (?…)
My parties take notes and then ya tallied your votes
And voted me as the best because the rhymes that i wrote
Were so original ’cause i’m an entrepreneur
In my poetic style of metaphor
I use a lotta cliches, vocabulary and ways
That the interest of a listener, always (?…)
My rhymes are intricately woven, like beethoven
Symphonies for mcs, i’ll go to a show and i’m the party (?…)
The alpha and omega
Of rapping, i’m really out to make mega
Bucks, but you ducks keep imitatin’ me
50 percent of rappers are clones of moe dee
Tryna use big words so they can seem smarter
Deepen their voices so they can rock harder
But to be a connoisseur there’s much more to it
And outside of me not many can do it
So imitation rappers that i’ve proven your soft
Why don’t you give me a break and just get off?
Because no matter how hard you try you’ll see
Although you might be cool, you’re not moe dee
Because it’s gettin’ out of hand and i can’t ignore it
In ’85 i’m not going for it!


Special k, special k, special k, special k


{verse 3: special k}
I want to be in a position like simon
’cause what simon says to do, you do
Even the pessimistic respond in a manner of blind obedience
As if obligatory, not so fastidious, dictatory (?…)
Just facilitated orders, carried out
I want to be a combination of many things
My conscious intention is to make you shout
I’ll conceive of cybernetic evaluation of a raw sensation
Coordinated strength comes in the rhyme
Every measure of beat designed to be on time
Stuffed with style, coated with a element stronger than steel
For real, and in a battle of wit i always win
’cause i’m charged with the energy of 50 men
My rap is never wack ’cause i take the time
To please the people who might want me, i’m not nickle and dime
I might do it for free or do it for a fee
Either way it’s gonna be a delight to see
I have unlimited courage, deliberate moves
A voice to enlighten, comfort, and soothe
My mind once feeble now sharp as a needle
Knowledge is pungent and nourishing to me
I can say for sure excitement is a law
And wherever it’s at that’s where i’ll be
’cause i took this job now i’m committed
(?…) perfectly fitted and i’m glad i did it
As far as i’m concerned i’m a brilliant, vivacious
Man that decided to be self-made
I’ll make you shake and shiver, i always deliver
I’m a prominent person in the music trade


L.a., l.a, l.a., sunshine, sunshine, sunshine


{verse 4: l.a. sunshine}
Pop out the champagne, pull out the cork
L.a. sunshine and i’m about to talk
But, don’t clap your hands ’cause i’ve only began
I haven’t started yet, but i bet when i do
I’ll make you see a brighter light by the time i’m through
’cause when i rap i make hands clap
I make fingers snap and i make feet pat, like that
And as a matter of fact while i bet i can make you party people react
I can make you say «ho!» and make you stomp your feet
I can rock you even if i rhyme offbeat
By grabbing the mic and yelling «yes y’all»
I can make you act like you have no sense at all
Get you off the wall to have a ball, that ain’t all
I’m so (?…) i can make you crawl
’cause it’s positively great when i make no mistake
Let me tell you what it takes to shake, bake, and fake
When i’m on the mic under these hot lights
Let me tell you what it’s like to rock with all your might
It’s like having a dream and making it seem
That you’re a real mean, one-man team
When i get on the mic and start to rhyme
I not only rock a party, i make it shine
Because everything i say is so exquisite
The ladies look at me and they say is it
Really, the man they call the poetry prince
Ya see i’m not conceited baby, i’m just convinced
So if you’re able to read between the lines
I’ll say no rhyme before it’s time




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