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The Game — Fortunate

Artist: → The Game




The Game — Fortunate — lyrics





[Intro: The Game & Kanye West]
Yo, Ye
Yo, I’m at the London, I need you to swing by, pick me up
On my way



[Verse 1: The Game]
Look, let me tell you why they call it Lambchop
‘Cause I’m a G.O.A.T. in the roaster, sandlot
Big dawg, baseball, sniffin’ ’til your face off
Only makin’ short stops, the Apple call me A-Rod
This is thirty for thirty, out the six-god
Everybody Thanos ’til you show up with a hit squad
Brick squad, ten-seventeen out the trunk
Timbaland know the chopper go bra-rum-ba-bum-bum
Billie Eilish, I go stylish, Ivan Drago wrist rocky
Nigga, I go viral, suicidal doors up, touch the Eiffel
On a cross next to Yeezy like they crucified you
Michael, Michael Jordan, Tyson, Michael Myers
Grab the mic and I’m a killer for hire, man
On the freeway, dippin’ with IMA
Don Cheadle when I’m grippin’ the iron, man


[Verse 2: Kanye West]
I’m him, I’m him, I’m, I’m
I’m him, I’m him, I might have to drop the Yeezy swim
Just, just to get Yeezy to swim
Shе said «Yeezy need to drop it in her windpipe» (Her windpipe)
Still ain’t met a ho that I didn’t wife (Didn’t wife)
«Since his momma passed, he ain’t been right» (Been right)
Rich nigga shit, this a different life (Different life)
Shit too cloudy when you get your ice (Get your ice)
Old school Audi, man, that shit nice (Shit nice)
Two joints hangin’ out the balcony
If a another bitch give me The Alchemy
Tell me this her favorite book what I’m bound to see
What, what, what, what
How many niggas had it out for me?
Did you tell your girlfriends that you down to leave? (To leave)



[Chorus: Kanye West & The Game]
You so fortunate
‘Cause we doin’ it big, notorious
You so fortunate
You got a picture with Ye without forcin’ it
You so fortunate
She the drink champ, she Nore’d it
I can tell, I can, I can tell
She the G.O.A.T
I can tell, I can, I can tell


[Verse 3: Dreezy]
I’m so fortunate, I put the stars in the ceilin’ like a ornament
Yeah, hour-glass body so proportioned
I’m under thirty with a thirty like the Forbes and shit
You know I’m with The Game if all my niggas throwin’ up the letter B (The letter B)
You know I’m with Ye when I say it ain’t nothin’ that you tellin’ me
Make a white nigga switch his Pornhub to ebony
I went from Berettas and the shotta to keepin’ that berretta clean
Like fuck a bank, I count it like calculators
We movin’ one step ahead of you, every move calculated
Don’t ask me ’bout the opps, we slid, they evacuated
You come on the block, you gotta check in like a baggage claim, nigga
Big dreams (Big dreams)



[Interlude: The Game]
Timbo the king
Nigga, Ye had us in Miami writin’ for a month
We kept a sixteen as told



[Verse 4: CHILLER]
I told her give me neck like flamingos
Tú tienes novio, Numinatti lingo
Diamonds like a stripper name, star like Ringo
I’m with Ye lookin’ for a Christian to mingle
Gray sweats, mink coat
They gon’ see the AK-47 talkin’ all that jazz, I’m Caralingo
Last night I was in the Chi’, sippin’ Barefoot
How I end up all the way in Paris with a pink toe?
Just got a passport, I ain’t even ask for it
We ain’t runnin’ ’round with Ye, he got the cash for it (Cash for it)
Balenciaga in the living room, I ain’t even open the box yet
Box card, box cutter, got these niggas boxed in
What you expect from a nigga out the projects?
No contest, I told her in bed, I’m MB
You just gotta trust the process


[Chorus: Kanye West & The Game]
You so fortunate
‘Cause we doin’ it big, notorious
You so fortunate
You got a picture with Ye without forcin’ it
You so fortunate
She the drink champ, she Nore’d it
I can tell, I can, I can tell
She the G.O.A.T
I can tell, I can, I can tell




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