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Stray Kids — 3RACHA

Artist: → Stray Kids




Stray Kids — 3RACHA — lyrics





[Verse 1: Changbin]
One, two, 3RACHA, get spotlight
It’s already been five years since I shouted, that prime time
Our credit is always the biggest headline
Top of the charts around the world
There’s no end to my beginner resolution
In the end, it doesn’t matter, full circle
There’s a fine line between pride and self-confidence
It’s all gone in one bit once I cross that line, ayy
(Ooh) My time is like water
Make a slope to make it flow faster
(Ooh) When the sun is about to rise
My two eyes became rabbit eyes, bloodshot
(Ooh) one can never get used to this lifestyle
Life pattern without two-five-seven-eight-nine
Wanting to be special, even for a single day
You can’t last, GG in all probability
Unlike back then, when the quantity of my work was my pride
We competed and won with quantity and quality
A far-off vague dream? We weren’t the ones with our heads in the clouds
A gust of wind caused a typhoon, a folding screen that will become a decoration
It will become a wall on which to hang our numerous awards
I’m going to pierce your eardrums



[Chorus: Changbin, Bang Chan]
3RACHA (Bang)
The collision of three rain clouds (Drr-ah)
Shut up (Yeah, yeah)
Everything we say pulls the carriage (Ah, ooh)
Draw all the inspirations, we beat in our way (Ra, ra)
Stray Kids




[Verse 2: Han]
Yeah, I’m famous
When my voice is on the speaker, the vibe is like a monster
Ti-ki-ta-ka for years already, we’re the leaders in the crowded pool
We lead in the throngs that seep the board
We’ll show you, we’re equipped with talents
Even if we do nothing special
People who already know us look at us and give us a round of applause (That’s right)
Our speed is faster than the speed of sound
I climb higher than anyone else, jumpin’ (Get it)
Even if I’m out of breath, there’s no stop
We are the main culprits in destroying the ecosystems (That’s me)
I don’t care, whatever it is, keep on tease
My inspiration is a spring that never diminishes
You cannot beat me up
Our body keeps getting bigger and bigger (Ooh)
Look good and tasty
Develop a taste for us, you’ll look for us at every meal (every meal)
Eat it before it turns cold
Napkin solemnly wrapped around the neck (Yeah)
Repel the insects
Our path is filled with the fragrance of flowers
Even if we’ve changed, we still have spirit, grit, and bravado in our body




[Chorus: Han, Bang Chan]
3RACHA (Bang)
The collision of three rain clouds (Drr-ah)
Shut up (Yeah, yeah)
Everything we say pulls the carriage (Ah, ooh)
Draw all the inspirations, we beat in our way (Ra, ra)
Stray Kids




[Verse 3: Bang Chan]
My boys spittin’ facts they locked and loaded (Pa, pa, pa)
Still on the grind, you better watch out for the brothers
Masterminds, the perfect trio bound by blood
Musketeers of making music, one for all, and all for one
Pull out the shivs, choppin’ up sounds faster than lightnin’
Been in the corps since ’17, yeah, the beasts never stop wildin’ (Beasts)
We’re goin’ for the win, yeah, our music score might seem a lil frightenin’ (Frightenin’, ha)
Just take a deep breath (Hoo), 3RACHA breathin’ (Breathin’, breathin’, breathin’)
The Scoville Scale is on the verge of blowin’ up
They feel the burn and yet they just can’t get enough
Our copyrighted numbers won’t be ever stoppin’
‘Cause we still constructing, keep it comin’
Ha, why you mad, bruh?



[Chorus: Bang Chan, Changbin, Han]
3RACHA (Bang)
The collision of three rain clouds (Drr-ah)
Shut up (Yeah, yeah)
Everything we say pulls the carriage (Ah, ooh)
Draw all the inspirations, we beat in our way (Ra, ra)
Stray Kids
The collision of three rain clouds
Shut up
Everything we say pulls the carriage
Pull up for inspiration and beat it our own way
Stray Kids



[Outro: Bang Chan]
They always say the same excuses
While they’re complainin’, we’re producin’





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