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Stormzy — My Presidents Are Black

Artist: → Stormzy



Stormzy — My Presidents Are Black — lyrics





God in all my flows, heaven in my tracks
My kettles all gold, my presidents are Black (Bah)
See, Jacky on the front lines and Richard’s in the back
Remember when they told us just to rap? Hmm
Over the years, we’ve been ill advised
They told us «Just one at a time,» that’s the biggest lie
A wise man once asked «Who ate all the pies?»
And now he’s lookin’ at me funny like I took his slice
Oh, what a life, I can’t war with no broken man
They start worryin’, they’ve got wars to plan, hmm, aight, cool
Jigga told mе «Crabs in a bucket,» I said I overstand
So you my brother, you can hold my hand
You wouldn’t know about thе convos that we had to change the rules
Didn’t know that I would give my arm and leg to help you move
Didn’t know we’re tryna implement our history through the schools
You can keep the gems, I give you jewels, aight
We are the needle movers, we are the table shakers
They gotta move around us ’cause nothin’ moves without us
It can’t be you who found us, we don’t need you to crown us
I had a crown before my song, this is the mountain that I’m on
We set up shop, but never closed the shutter
I give you all the keys, don’t matter if we know each other
My brother Enoch told me «Bro, you wasn’t known to stutter»
So I got rid of it, I’m smoother than some cocoa butter
Fluent, you can—, it’s the community provider
The multiple diss track survivor, glory be to God, Jehovah Jireh
How can I retire? The devil is a liar
And shout my nigga Dave, ’cause we made it through the fire
Should’ve left me out the politics
All I know is feta cheese and dollar chips
Niggas went from sellin’ weed to scholarships
They’re billin’ me to holler flicks
And know they holler flicks to get at me
I could be a Beatle if you let it be, I needed you to set me free
Woo, I just needed you to let me dream
The pressure that I’m under does no favors for my self-esteem
I wonder what they tell Rahim
Black boy fly, Black girl fly, we all fly
If you try to rob them for their dreams, of course I’m
Gonna put a target on your back, I’m Hawkeye
Beg you, leave them yutes alone, this is my war cry
Just careful when you fuck around and take the piss
That could be my little bro or baby sis
Have to make a statement, just in case it is
We’re products of the place we lived
Yeah, we’re bustin’ all your favorite myths, nowadays, I pull up on my Zadie Smith
A master with a pen, skin-tone darker than your skeng
Ah, you’d have to pull it up and start again
Tell Michael Grove that we got somethin’ for your nose
And we got champagne bottles for them boys at number ten
Oh, we gon’ party through the bullshit
If you make a point, I’ll reinforce it
If you take a stand, then we endorse it, that’s what we do
If we ain’t beside you, then we’re cheerin’
This is #MERKY, this is God engineerin’, I swear
Woo, this for my niggas who ain’t make it to the prem’
Hope they see the bigger picture when they frame it through their lens
I pray my brothers make it in the end, to be fair, we never had no olders
This for my Kofis and my Adeolas, you get the trophies when you plan and focus
You’re now tuned into my magnum opus, they wanna chat me whilst they sat on sofas
But I’m Serena for you Sharapovas
Win again and win again, like Wimbledon, I serve
I promise you, I’m colder than the single that you heard
The second one was stressful, but it’s simple for my third
Holy spirit, guide me to the things that you prefer
I’m still the nicest with it
Go put some commas on the check and try and ‘tice us with it
Put some rockets on our back and put some fire in it
This a blessin’ from our king, you can’t acquire spirit
Hit ’em with the choir spirit, got ’em singin’


Give me light, give me love
‘Cause we’ve been through the fire, got the strength of a lion, oh-oh
Oh, yes, we will, Lord
I’m a young Jazzy B, I’m on my soul to soul
They’re askin’ if I sold my soul
Tell ’em, it’s the power of the holy ghost
Tell ’em that he guides me on this lonely road
So that’s why I say
For the, the road that you go on from now, is what you’re pavin’ for the lane
It’s this road for all these people to walk
And I think that’s what’s gonna be one of the greatest legacies
That, you know, together, your leaders, all the black English
A hundred percent
It’s that, uh, it’s like a full circle, we came all the way around




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