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Spectrum sprint — Dalton Diss Track

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Spectrum sprint — Dalton Diss Track — lyrics





{Spectrum Sprint}
Yo, what up bro, listen up Dalto
I’m gonna tell you stuff that I think you ought to know
What else should I say? I think I should begin
I know where to start, now it’s time to go all in



Okay, to start this off, do you even have a brain?
Everytime you type, it’s truly mental pain
Have you ever wrote any text that made some sense
The answer is a no, cause you’re pretty fuckin’ dense



You’re a little child and you freak out over sex
Cause you’re immature, you say “s. E. X.”
You won’t quit doing it, despite us saying stop
You can’t fathom advice, ‘cause your brain would probably pop



You ask your male friends if they want to go to dinner
We know that you are gay, and for that you are a sinner
But you’re not only gay, so that must mean you are bi
And if you doubt my words, I’ll let you know just why



You seem to be obsessed with Anna and Katlyn
But there is still that proof that there is gay within
This is valid proof you like both the separate genders
So quit saying you don’t, you may as well surrender



I’m tryna help you out and also teach a lesson
I want you to improve and not act like you’re 7
So just in case you don’t listen to my advice
I got another person and his name would be Kai



{Lil Suki/Kai}
You’re really gullible and you fall for every trick
It seems you never learn, so your skull is pretty thick
Somehow you believed that a plane fell on a bus
I don’t even know how you still believe us



You never shut your mouth about your anime
The truth is evident, yet you have the nerve to say
That you’re not a weeb, and it’s only just one game
But that’s a blatant lie, and it’s such a fake claim



You backseat moderate and you hold up every rule
Yet you misinterpret them ‘cause you’re dumber than a mule
And then you ping the staff, but you don’t just do it once
It’s always over twice since you are a big dunce



I’m gonna end it here and I’ll leave you with a word
I’ll wrap all of this up in case you haven’t heard
That all you ever do is annoy us on Discord
For making us hate you, a ban is your reward




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