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Paranoid dj — The Ringleader

Artist: → Paranoid dj




Paranoid dj — The Ringleader — lyrics






{blitzø — captaindoofkin}
What a dump
Not much different than how it used to be
Damn it…
Why’d i come back here?




{fizzarolli — paranoid dj}
As fond as your memories ever got?
Or maybe…
It was just the only place where
You thought you meant even the slightest thing…
To anyone.
Oh, just great!
What the fuck are you doing
You noodle-limbed asshole?




So harsh!
And to someone who’s known you all these years!
I thought we were friends, blitzo…



You know damn well that was a long time ago…



It certainly was
And it doesn’t look like things
Got any better for you afterwards



What do you want?!



As if i’d ever pass up a chance to see you like this!
After you humiliated yourself at ozzie’s
I’ve been dying to see the aftermath!
It’s only fitting you’d come back to
Where, i suppose, it all started going wrong
Where else would you go?
Not back home to the employees you showed up that night…
Certainly can’t go back to that uppity royal bitch
After what he did to you
Oh, so now you’re an asshole
And a stalker
You sure your boss is going to like that?




You’ve got some stones to say that
After everything that happened with the prince
With me.
He might as well have yelled to the whole room
That you’re nothing but his fucktoy!




I… i don’t know what you’re talking about
And neither do you since you got knocked out and-




Am i not being clear?
Then maybe i should explain this in a way that’s more…
Familiar to you
Like how i always used to show you up on this very stage?




What are you…




{verse 1}
Oh, fizzies!
Ladies & gentlemen!
Welcome to the stage
The best of all the jesters
And the robofizz parade!




Thank you, thank you!
You’re all too kind! (oh, christ on a fuckin’ stick, really?)




Now hey there, old chum!
What’s got you lookin’ glum?
Is it ’cause i’ve gotten everything you ain’t? (fuck you.)
Top bill at ozzie’s
Work for mammon
But if i should examine your affairs
Well, it frankly ain’t that great! (whatever, sellout!)





You think i’m sellin’ out?
’cause all i know i’m sellin’ out
Are shows that give me
All the adoration i demand!
It isn’t like the circus
’cause now i have a purpose
While you’re left reaching out for something
You can’t even understand




Boo hoo, little blitzy!
What a grim, pathetic face
I guess that i can’t blame you
When your life is a disgrace!




Come one, come all!
It’s the fizzarolli ball!
Where the creatures of the dark
Gather answering the call
For a show that knock
The baddest and meanest off their feet
Whether imp or lord of lust
I’m gonna give you all a treat!




From the fires of the scorned
I don’t let the scars define me
They’re the badges i adorn
What we had is dead and buried
I don’t let it keep me down



’cause now i am the ringleader
And you’re the clown




(yeah, a ringleader of sex dolls that look like you, you narcissistic fuck!
At least i’m not a-)






{verse 2}
The pitiable explaining
Don’t want to hear complaining
The feeble, shit excuses of a fraud
You act a part to save your face
Spurn whatever you’ve been graced with
And anything that’s good you just ignore! (shut up!)




I don’t hide what i am
I know exactly who i am
I am an entertainer who’s
Above where he began
No longer in the circus
A lord has gave me purpose
And with him, i have got the only
Thing you’ll never understand



I might have been your pal, blitz
Might have been your friend
But you know how that saying goes
«all good things gotta end!»



Come one, come all!
It’s the fizzarolli ball!
Where the creatures of the dark
Gather answering the call
For a show that’s gonna make
The masses sing and shriek and shout
They’ll hang on to every fucking word
There’s never any doubt



From the fires of the scorned
I don’t let the scars define me
They’re the badges i adorn
In asmodeus’ house, i’ve found
A place to call my own



And that makes me the ringleader
While you’re alone




{interlude — fizzarolli (paranoid dj), asmodeus (adelaide smyth)}
And don’t just take my word for it, blitzo…
My fizzy’s had it rough
And not from how i play
Are you really that surprised
That he wished that all away? (but that wasn’t-)




What you were to each other
Now that’s buried in the past
Do you protest after humiliating yourself?
That’s a good laugh!




Are you jealous
Or you just don’t get what we got?
Do you hate he’s got one of mine
And always hits the spot?



A powerhouse of stardom
Always down to have some fun
Not ashamed of what he means to me
While all you do is run!




So call me overrated
And keep that whiny tone
But it don’t matter what you do
You’ll still die alone!




Come one, come all!
It’s the fizzarolli ball!
Where the creatures of the dark
Gather answering the call
For a show that keeps e’m
Coming back here every single night
And i’ve got someone who cares
Enough to share in my delights



From the fires of the scorned
I don’t let the scars define me
They’re the badges i adorn
Across the rings, you’ll see my face
The baddest imp in town



’cause now i am the ringleader
And you’re the clown





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