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​mr. master — ​trash pickup — lyrics






{verse: mr. master}
Witness as it skitters ‘cross the cesspool of sub-optimum
The perennial unpopular, hyperextending toddlerdom
For every unlayer, n+1 layer regenerates
Kept on grass to hedge clip brakes
Haul tri on adenosine phosphate
Staunch prolix. Your stock broke
Dong toll for your call closeness. Teeth skin eroded
Hail o’ sea fleet o’ fleeting moments to seize yo hoin’
Cleared for your Cee Lo Orange earphone splosion
Bone-stirring yes whosever line it is
Only device I’m left to pries open my eye slit lids
Otherwise, cyberless
Tarnished butterfly chrysalis. Pardon the untidiness
My all bra-fires one-size fits ball lightning quick
Auspices squawkin’ me forth to crowbar arthropod bay doors
On fair grounds to prepare courses o’ guncottonly candied caramel corn
Toward the infinite favorable. Synchronous brains lit up. Interpenetration
Snickering filter on our spinnereted Indra-net figment exchanges
Not me reading an off screen Mead o’ Kiev chicken scratch
Qualia at 360p beefed to honors degrees o’ contact
Space age appropriate invasion o’ vacated podiums
Power play date to placate loneliness and adjacent neurosises
To those most in need go the proceeds, or so it seems
Factiously, woe-is-me saps cry-laugh to the notary, bypassing go-betweens
Hurry, before my peers hear how sincerely I care
Store my coresecure in an open book. No one’ll look there
Retracing flukeprints to pinpoint squarely where our fixed joints loosened
Impending pelvises as vestiges o’ true disloyalist movements
Brake for pathside zap stations to assuage range anxiety
Chill. My hand-eye’s nasty with the bang since the Han Dynasty
Face painted O’Ranger repper. Upgrade your bug-out vehicles
‘fore my outfield angels page ye Olde Testament
Alloyed emics and eticsrefract a mirror match made in purgatorial hesitance
Answered?Next you’re gonna tell me how accurate the Mercator projection is
Unchewable ultraceutical breakfast fist. Folgers
Tap this glass enclosure to grasp how tunneling black holes works
I’d like to solve the puzzle. Unlock my muzzle
In fact, this and that are each other. Who’da thunk ‘er?
Even eschewing big numbers, mere hundreds soon fluster you two-bit cuss words
Macroinnumeracy. Fuel that in your Bunsen and burn
Blockbusted. Tranq Melanchollywood’s histrionical effed-upness
I cast a schmactor in my shredder and press junk it
Blow me down. If it isn’t the permission-forgiveness predicament
Rip a ticket and cuddle uncomfortably snug in the custom thinking dunce lid commission list
For your perfect information, the verve remains as fervent
As the day its aura emerged from the primordial purée incorrigibly unaided
Alliterate yourself obliterated
Beg you attempt figurative languaging a contending meta with not a lepton o’ physical basis
This uterine rupturing flow
Illusory structures imposed misconstrue what’s close
Scrawl the mock shareholders’ note in all-ensnaring scare quotes
Chronos happy and don’t dare know
Extract the humor sense and transplant your bone marrow
Feats instanzable access peak pressure differential
Fat absence o’ treatment preferential
Present shock. Equal measures, non-judgemental
Slow your upheaval, old people. I can feverishly show fealty
Over homesick eats at the Boll Weevil
The aeronautics prospects posited that autopilot was sparkin’ our lift
As if static stability so stern were impossible without a covert operative
Sanity colon check. Counsel-condoned regression
Remet the former valedictorian as a bathroom door attendant
Not that it’s lesser. It’s just the exact unexpected I expected
Likewise, deflected from prizefight wrestlin’ to wildlife protection
Flash to my Chasmton platypus scramblin’ to get an aqueduct fixed
Kookaburra laughing fits backin’ an apt analogy for transience
Fashion a tree out this accident, Wassily
No hat-gallon a wascally wabbit feet could cease a semantic creep of such NationalCity
Omniprivilege mod popped in a chat solipsistic
To grant all his winning lottery tickets machina’d from God regifted
That new fad hot-air diet lacks methodically fair science
But some long-haired guy’s inherited biases swear by it
Where can I blindly click submit?
Sequestered in a celestial vestibule, after-youing potential truths
A cool impregnable deluges when the last o’ the circumnavigable’s consumed
Yawn almighty. The offline domain you claim is unsightly
I’d fold, but cavin’ ‘cause a goal’s unlikely is so unlike me
Ask my growingly loftier neurophysiological ceiling
Why I groan involuntary at those unqualified for thought apotheosizing feelings
Blame it for caging my stankface unobtainable save for the epiphanic
Reacquaint it with the severed neck romance o’ the headless mantis
Bring out your putrefacting views on how to sensemake
Broadest disposal of everything willfully pure evil
And material persons irreparably stuck ‘tween wakeful ascendance and literal bupkis
Til the Supreme Court floor shines like justice









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