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Michaela Laws — Yandere Rap Battles! Osana Najimi VS. Yan-Chan!




Michaela Laws — Yandere Rap Battles! Osana Najimi VS. Yan-Chan! — lyrics




Midori: Remember: this is a rap battle, that means no weapons! That means you Ayano!

Ayano: Huh?!

Midori: Drop em!

Ayano: Ugh, fine!

Ayano: Hahahah!

Midori: All of them!

Ayano: *Grunt* mmmm.

Midori: All right! Epic Rap Battles of Akademi! Osana Najimi vs Ayano Aishi! Begin!

Osana: Oh look! It’s you, the freak of the school. The one who thinks that stalking my Senpai is cool! Listen up, I only have one thing to say: Senpai would choose me over you any day. I mean c’mon! You sneak around when you think no one sees you? I’ll let you in on a secret, We all know that you do! Like oh my god, Yan-chan, why can’t you see? You’ll never get Senpai! He belongs to me!

Ayano: Every time you flap your lips is another brain cell fizzing out! I swear on my ~Senpai~ that I will knock you out! You swing your hips and pop your lips and think you’re being sly, When you hide your precious feelings about «LOVING» Senpai! Do you even really love him? You don’t act like you do! You whine all the time and place the spotlight on you! «You always keep me waiting!» Yeah, THAT will get his love, I’d give him more affection than he could ever dream of!

Osana: Hah! You squirm around when he’s five feet away! He tells me all the time «She’s acting kinda strange». If you think I’ll let you have him, then you better think twice! It doesn’t take long before I stop being nice!

Ayano: Do you think you really scare me? I know what keeps you up at night. If you want to make this bloody, I’ve been itching for a fight! I’ll trank you and tie you to a chair and break your mind! Or maybe I’ll just stab you? Yeah that’d be fine~

Osana: You don’t scare me!

Ayano: I can though…

Osana: Ha! What do you know?!

Ayano: I know that you should probably keep an eye on your bento…
Osana: What the?! Its poisoned!? That bento was for Senpai!


Ayano: I’ll let you give him gifts when fat pigs fly!

Osana: Senpai will never love you! You’re weird and you’re a freak!

Ayano: I don’t he’ll complain, when he gets me in the sheets~

Osana: Grr-Ayano!

Ayano: Osana!

Osana: You know what?! That’s it! I’ll put you in your place!

Ayano: Heh! Come at me bitch!

Midori: Who won? Who’s next? When will the next update be out? When will Yandev answer all my questions?

Osana and Ayano: Midori!!

Midori: Oops! Sorry! You decide! Epic Rap! (Rap!) Battles! (Battles!) of Akademi!



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