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Lil Durk — Computer Murderers

Artist: → Lil Durk




Lil Durk — Computer Murderers — lyrics




No auto, grrah
Smurk, yeah
(TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it)

[Verse 1]
Check on your mans, I heard he got hit in his head (Hello?)
But he almost died so I can say his name ’cause he ain’t dead (Wooski)
How you let a nigga vouch for you who just got out the feds?
Sneaking pics by Von mural like lil’ bro won’t come out and spin (Grrah, grrah)
He ain’t hurt a fly so he ain’t count, I still’ll give him ten (Still’ll give him ten)
I got hoes I call my sisters, fuckin’ opps, them hoes dead (Bitch)
I don’t let ’em play with Varney, I’m just waitin’ on my chance (On Moe, on Pluto)
If Varney say a nigga dead then the nigga dead (Yeah, yeah-yeah)
Lil’ bro you can hop in here, this bitch a hot car (It’s a hot car)
They like, «Bro, it’s Nuk,» nah, it’s Smurk, nigga (Fah, fah, fah)
You can’t play no games, you play with other niggas, nah, nah (Nah, nah, nah)
You ain’t from my block if you don’t know Tayski, Budda and Chop (Man, what?)






Yeah, yeah (Mhm, mhm)
Pass my pills, nigga
Finna act crazy in this bitch, hold on (And that bitch go, «Fah, fah, fah»)
Watch this, ayy, watch this







[Verse 2]
Bro ‘nem in that Track’, they doin’ ninety down that school zone (Skrrt)
Mama say I’m trippin’, I’m with my niggas like a group home
I ain’t gettin’ mad, I’m tryna rob ’em, call my boo phone
Bitch, I’m from the trenches, you gotta fuck me to my new song (Yeah, yeah)
Mmm, I don’t mention dead opps (Yeah, yeah)
If you really did it, you ain’t gon’ say it ’cause the feds hot (Yeah, yeah)
Bro, I told your ass, I want his head, I don’t want no leg shot
Breakfast time, they get on niggas early, want they eggs hot
Headshot (Come here), headshot (Come here), headshot (Come here)
Headshot (Come here), headshot (Come here)
Uh-uh, headshot (Bop-bop), headshot, headshot (Come here)
Headshot (Come here), headshot (Come here), headshot, (Come here)
Headshot (Come here), headshot (Come here), headshot (Come here)
Come here!
Speed off, hold on, bro, I think he still breathin’
Lamp on niggas late night, she think I’m still cheatin’ (Skrrt)
Headshot for every block (Bop), we still grievin’ (Bop-bop)
You wasn’t around when he died, your bitch ass still teethin’ (Pussy)
Headshot, headshot (Pussy ass), headshot, headshot, headshot
(Ain’t stuntin’ none of y’all pussy ass)
Headshot, headshot, headshot, headshot, headshot
(Ain’t stuntin’ none of y’all pussy ass)
Headshot, headshot, headshot, headshot, headshot
(Ain’t stuntin’ none of y’all pussy ass)
Y’all can have the internet (Headshot, headshot, headshot)
Ain’t stuntin’ none of y’all pussy ass
Y’all can have the internet (Headshot, headshot, headshot)





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