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Lakeyah — Freestyle

Artist: → Lakeyah





Lakeyah — Freestyle — lyrics






{part i}
Ayy, bitch i’m a one on one
Imagine livin’ life like this, i ain’t even twenty one
Freshman year crazy they see what i did in twenty one
I’m going savage like
I’m in your city off the fastest flight
Pickin’ up a bag the night
Backends got me addin’ up
Bitch what they sayin’ and what they doing don’t be matching up
I keep that off-white louis, i switched the fashion up
And tryna keep up with my motion, hope they fast enough
Yeah, i come up from the bottom for real
Bitch i’m chosen can’t change it, you know it’s written i’m destined
I keep these hoes in thеy places
I hear the rumours and whispеrs, i can’t help that they hate
I just go harder up the score and put this shit in they faces
They got my name in they mouth
I got my mind on my money
I’m tryna make this last forever, ain’t no takin’ it from me
I stuck with it consistent
Took a chance had to risk it
Young raw bitch and real life, this shit ain’t no gimmick
What bitch you know is hard as me? this haters owe an apology, uh
They shit they do is sloppy, you know keyah move properly
Damn near, live up to the name ’cause female goat is what they calling me uh
Pulled up in that phantom, but i don’t seen opp but i still might
Get a plaque, off a singing song
You should see them at the shows and how they sing along
I’m gettin’ paid, bitch my money gettin’ near long
This shit got realer, it’s just some people i couldn’t bring along
Yeah, let’s have a toast for those still here
I just hit wafi, all these diamonds on me real clear
Put the work in i’m gon’ get everything that i deserve
The hardest workin’ it, you wonder why they say why i’m hard
Apply the pressure, never let up, now this wrist ’bout to get up
I set the bar made all these rap bitches want to step up
I see they bitter ’cause i see the way these diamonds glitter
Bitch i’m colder than a winter, how could they forget her?









{part ii}
Ayy, uh
I’m the female goat that’s for certain
Big bag, bitch i’m in my kelly and my birkin
This the proof, i’m the hardest bitch workin’
And i made my name in the game without twerkin’
Facts, i’m a major deal
Under twenty one and had a gangster skrill
That’s the only time i’m ever dealin’ with the drama
Nicki cosign, nigga «do we have a problem»?
I don’t think so, cuban with the link froze monster
They ain’t notice beauty had a beast mode
Movin’ through the game, like i came with the {?}
These hoes clowns to the style getting rip hole
Left louis, life in a movie
Call these bitches fans and they mans be the groupie
Dissin’ on the gram oh man, she a goofy
Money comin’ fast this ain’t rent, i got blue cheese
Yeah, pretty bitch and i’m pretty rich
From the mil, got a mill, now my city lit
Shout out wafi all my jewelry be unlimited
So i’ma need a real rich nigga on some diddy shit
From the city in the {?} till i got those
Big boogers on my chain like a snout nose
I’m a real upgrade like a combo
And i’m the one, two and three hoes top four?
Qc so you know the flow quality
Bars hard and i kill ’em with the r&b
Counting c mills know what i call perfect harmony
I got a headstart know it ain’t no stoppin’ me
Flow hard, real hard like a brick wall
No joke, keep dope like some fit no
Big b’s on my feet, that’s a rich wall
Only {?} up speak my nigga that’s a {?}
Yeah, try lakeyah who got nerve
Smash off in the foreign, yeah the coupe gon’ swerve
Bitches hatin’ on me, i’m like who is this birds
Yeah i’m eatin’ bitches up, they like, «you got served»
Tell these hoes give it up please
Yeah i’m pretty as a bitch, but this shit can get ugly
Headline say lakeyah is some must see
Bitches wanna be me ’cause they niggas wanna fuck me
All these bitches did is gettin’ dick, no deposits
They old news, lakeyah is the only option
And ain’t gettin’ green, only {?} know it’s a fuckin’ gossip
On take you know ask cosmic








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