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Graphene — Our Essence?

Artist: → Graphene





Graphene — Our Essence? — lyrics





Young nigga from the gutter never had shit
Came from rock bottom like i’m patrick
These hard times they done turned me to a savage
God gave me gifts that’s the reason i be rapping (wrapping)
Poetry and motion i be snapping
Trynna find some peace through these beats i’m attacking
I’m never lackin and i’m always tapped in
To what is true to me never cappin like the backend
Child please nigga stop with all that acting
Like you bad billie jean michael jackson
Like you shooting steve kerr john paxson
Niggas always hit the freeze frame when it’s action
It’s power in my flow like samson
Bars magic like i hooped in east lansing
I been it (bennett) like my first name was chance and
Ya can’t buy my soul nigga no financing
I spend my days trynna buy me a piece of night
To preserve the light for brothers and sisters with increasing plight
Hoping that my efforts will help to decrease the strife
For all my phifes down on payments and leasing life
I do it for those didn’t grow up
To show us that they could be everything that they told us
We couldn’t be







I’m coming for everything that they owe us
You shouldn’t sleep or you might miss the moment i blow up
Damn been getting swole all these chips on my shoulder
Pressure turn niggas to origami will i fold up?
Or when it’s my time will i go nuts
To see the bigger picture gotta put it into focus
Cuz success busy it be hard to get a hold of
Me myself and i people everyone should know of
I let the ego bang it be hard to keep control of
Born with problems money is some shit i need some more of
I was born with problems money is some shit i need some more of
We all feel that way huh?
The essence of who you are
Is it where you from
What you been through
Or what you see yourself as
Just thoughts







At times i get lost in the beat trynna find my mind
Flip the switch get in my mode when i bust a (busta) rhyme
With the hopes of approaching lines of fans wanna go inside
Wave hands and that coincides
With bands that can feed my tribe
I feel the universe worried bout my ascension
God embedded in my genes but i’m not true to religion
Is that why
Lately i’ve struggled with my decisions
And every time i spit i’m more deadly with my precision
Tell me why the hell they playing with me
Like i ain’t got my ancestors praying in me
Like my circumstances ain’t ‘posed to be changing with me
You don’t want yo dog to win then why you hanging with em
Why you talking cajun with em
That shit ain’t 100 nigga
But that shit normalized like you stunting niggas
Trynna act like you got it why you fronting nigga
Be you you ain’t gotta lie to punt it nigga
Why the hell you running nigga
From the fact you insecure
Ego saying you saquon you feeling miniature
Yea you keep conflicting thoughts when you in a war (inner war)
Trynna cover up yo feelings make you feel them more
What are you concealing for?

Scared that they won’t understand?
Shit so am i but the bigger fear is wondering
If i don’t get another chance
Can i live that down

Can you live that down?







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