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Eminem — Don’t Do Drugs

Artist: → Eminem



Eminem — Don’t Do Drugs — lyrics




{Hook / Opening}
Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad
Don’t smoke wee, remember kids
Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad
Don’t smoke crack, say no to drugs



{Verse 1}
Woke up in the room spinning, two fat women beside me dressed in black linen
No teeth, and grinning (yuck)
Empty bottles and ecstasy on the night stand
Who wants to have sex with me? Let’s see a show of hands
Imagine if all rap sounded like this, only songs with a message about smacking a bitch
Or maybe a song about snorting lines and getting lit
Maybe I could burn it to a disc, and sell it to the kids (it’s for kids)
I think I was born just to fuck with your head, a white rapper who only raps about snorting coke and getting head
My mom gave me somе rope and said to tie it around my neck
I spеnt the rest of the day just hanging around int the shed, up in the lab cutting lines and getting high
Can’t decide if I want to listen to 50 Cent or Obie Trice
Don’t make any sudden moves cause I have Dre tied up in the back
And if you do I’ll fuck around and write a sequel to fack



Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad
Don’t smoke wee, remember kids
Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad
Don’t smoke crack, say no to drugs
Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad
Don’t smoke wee, remember kids
Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad
You see it’s so easy just say no to drugs



{Verse 2}
Hi there, Susan (Hello, Mr. Shady)
Did you know that adults dump out half or their soda and then mix booze in?
Or better yet they do it while driving their car
It’s really dangerous, but how else are they suppose to get home from the bar?
And how about the pills your mom calls candy, locked in the cabinet?
Haven’t you ever wondered? Don’t you want to try it?
You already know where she keeps the key
Just wait until she’s had a couple and falls asleep
Remember, there’s no reason to tell your dad (why’s that?)
Well, there’s no telling how many he’s had
You see, your dad has a problem that we call addiction
It blurs his vision and he ends up making bad decisions
Quiet, there’s a knock at the door (Who is it, Mr. Shady?)
It’s your father, more drunk than before (shit)
Well I guess that’s my cue to bail, your mom’s passed out
And your dad is looking for some tail, good luck Susan



{Hook 2x}



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