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Dreamville, Bas & EARTHGANG — Jozi Flows

Artist: → Bas & EARTHGANG,Dreamville




Dreamville, Bas & EARTHGANG — Jozi Flows — lyrics





[Intro: DJ Drama]
It’s ice cold

[Verse 1: Bas & DJ Drama]
Bitch, it’s no problem, you see how they squad up, I got forty deep at the telly
Block, it got hotter, my nigga got caught up, I told him, «Just reach for your celly»
I’m in the bank and I go to the office, bitch, I don’t go speak to no teller (Gangsta Grillz, DJ Drama)
That bitch a fed, she gon’ tell it
I got a black with Nutella
I feel like white macadamia, I’m just a player, I can’t do no better
Bitch, it ain’t shit you could tell us
Copped the V and it’s Aquafina inside, same color Tapatío in time
Seen Bassy grow, now I’m in prime
Seen Bassy glow, now I’m in Times Square
Look at me, you might find what you get if you had taken your time there
Going all next summer, still on my climb
No longer wonder what I might find
Rathеr cherish how my niggas tell it
50K, I take ‘еm all to Paris
60K, I take ’em all to Georgia
Life’s a bitch, but I still bought her roses
For the still breathin’ and for all she showed us
Bless the burdens ’cause they broaden my shoulders
Got God in my corner
Comin’ in clear, some orange tones
I know haters abundant, I don’t feel ’em none
I been numb to them niggas like Cortisone
Bassy the builder, the cornerstone
[Chorus: Bas]
If my nigga in a jam, I put a hundred bands up
Ain’t servin’ underhand
Loyalty, that’s all we need, they’ll never understand us
They’ll never understand







[Verse 2: Johnny Venus]
How do you save a man from himself? You gon’ need help (Woo)
You gon’ need ‘Bron, you gon’ need Jada, you gon’ need Phelps (David)
Summer breeze, the summer beach
The release get hit, the bricks is stacked
Oh, you’s a rider, don’t get jacked
That zuzu life, you new to that
So if my nigga in a jam, I bet the gun won’t jam up
If they ask me who the shooter, then we all gon’ stand up
Then I pull off on my warrior, the ground don’t be the cup
If you kill ’em, got to kill me too, and that’s what we call love
Oh shit, huh
Got our eyes on that kid, he could die any minute, and he ride for the city, ooh (Yeah)
He ain’t worried bout no bitch, got the clip in his lap, and he ride with the Remi, oh (Yeah)
Mama tried to pray for the baby, but the baby goin’ crazy and the baby gon’ spread ya, yeah
Claimin’ you a thug, you a gangster, and you ride with a killers, but it ain’t one with you
Try me, I send the ocean to your city (Oh)
Show me just where you’re broke and let me kiss it (Ha)
Here go my shoulder if you need a visit
Touch him, I’ll be there within fifteen minutes
Go in, I’ll be reaching at your throat, yeah (Oh, yeah)
I’m a big bad wolf to the fuckin’ goat, yeah (Oh, yeah)
OZ if they really want the smoke, oh (Oh, yeah)
Rabbit, baby girl, it ain’t the toe
[Chorus: Bas]
If my nigga in a jam, I put a hundred bands up
Ain’t servin’ underhand
Loyalty, that’s all we need, they’ll never understand us
They’ll never understand

[Outro: DJ Drama]
This just the warning
Don’t make us drop the atomic bomb
Welcome to D-Day






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