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Cavalucci — Soy Como Quiero

Artist: → Cavalucci




Cavalucci — Soy Como Quiero — lyrics




Yo, this’ Enco from the Bridge City
Came down here to represent
With Q Mac Daddy
That a Freestyle for The Warriors thing
You know I’m saying?
Shout outs to DJ Black
I’ma start this shit like this, y’all





I’ma represent all my peeps fromn Puerto Rico
Me and Cavalucci about to take over and «Es rico»
Josea ese perico bien suave
You see I will be checking
Bust it with the Funk chico
Que chico mamame el bicho
You’d be my socio
Don’t be scared to make negocio
But if you fuck me
I’ma bust it like a Mafioso
I’m busting in your mente, yeah
Catch your gente dе vida
Dale precio a estе
Cava, bust it I’m with the AK-4-7
I’ll fuck you
Fuck your girl, suck your mom’s tetas
Al entregao de corazon like The Ñetas
Now let’s talk about cream
Get your team, I’ll get my team
I’ll get claps, talks, {?}
For the Latin Kingz





El resto de MCs molestos
Por que en esto
Mr. Cavalucci está correcto
Directo en letra
Categoría completa
Si tu no quieres muerte, so
No te metas
En ésta fucking guerra de Warriors
Q Mac Daddy trajo
Un corillo de vagos
Sin trabajo, sin relajo, Yo
Si quieres, ven prueba, llega
Ven, prueba llega
A ver si das la talla con tu lírica pendeja
Deja la bayoya
Escribiendo mogolla
Para combatir en tarima con gente devastadora
Like me, you see
Enco, Q Mac Daddy
In the motherfucking place to be
Bruce Lee is dead, son
Yo! No más fecas
Si quieres trepa y reta, una meta
Demuestra no ser prepa
Para mi son
‘cuz I’m the one that kill niggas for fun
By your name I’ll smoke a fucking blunt





So I can flip
Get def flip shit
You’ve never heard of
Niggas wanna double every money you can murder
On spot
Right there in front of everybody
I’ma kick some shit, hit the blunts
Sippin the Bacardi
Brandy, all the Palo Viejo
My niggas got me on the Fitness
Just like Jose Canseco
O.G.s wanna test this bleed
I have ya all your needs
All your girls
When they suck D’s
You tryna making G
At the Q.B
And wanna fuck around with naked Dilly
Where are for key
Of course, see
I get the three rough every walkie
My girl all looking out
For they can bunching walkie-talkie
They walk it off me
They wanna see my ass in jail
My shit on blowing
Just like Castro Fidel
Get it {?} and raise Hell
What’s {?} Isabelle
And bonin’ raids
On the Swishahell, y’all
We hustle like we’re greedy
Start like a pretty
Get killed with no pity
That’s the type of shit I see
On the Birdie City
A.K.A. The Bridge
A.K.A. North New York
My AK-47 spreads
I got the Dough between shizzle
Fuck what you’ve heard






Yo! Yo!
Soy como quiero
My Boggie Down like my sound
Estilo de vida de más alla del Underground, Yo!
No se tú, pero yo soy así
Pass the {?}
Lo posible no existe para mí
‘cuz I believe reality
With my mentality
What I do for fatality
So don’t fake MCs, no doubt, no brutality
Heir to maid Valerie
Fumaera, sintura
Sin semilla no levadura
Lirica pura, dura, segura
Freestyle coming thru y’all Funky Buddha
Armadura tengo
Para enemigos callejeros
Soy pistolero
No estoy vivo por pendejo
Llego a viejo tranquilo
No me guillo con nadie
No tengo la culpa de que se caguen
Los que me criticaban, hoy me alaben
Soy como quiero
Soy como quiero ser
Soy como quiero
Hip Hop Killer, no reguero
Bueno bandolero






This is for you
The Warriors
Mr. Cavalucci speaking for you
Q Mac Daddy in the motherfucking house
DJ Black
Representing the Hip Hop Killaz
(Word up)






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