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BabyTron — Genesis 1:1

Artist: → BabyTron



BabyTron — Genesis 1:1 — lyrics





(You’re not making this easy, Kyle)
Leaving out for school with headphones in the bag
Mapping out a plan that every play get split in half
Leaving out for school with headphones in the bag



[Verse 1]
Leaving out for school with headphones in the bag
2017, was getting to it, skipping class
Mapping out a plan that every play get split in half
Half in the stash and half in the scams
Or going masked up or break a slab and the grams
Only a few ways that you can live where I’m from
Where I’m at in life, it’s hard to get where I’m from
«Mama, there he go», I motivate the kids whеre I’m from
2019, I dropped Bin Reapеr, they was sleeping
Pitchfork rated it a seven, they was tweaking
2020, seemed like all my haters, they was peaking
But that’s unemployment for you, I ain’t think that they was eating
Same year, I hit a new gear, I switched modes
But I can’t break the code, I can’t switch teams
S1 to the DSM, I’m throwing big B’s
BabyTron, StanWill, TrDee, the big three
Lando took a chance on us and everybody laughed
Now it’s 2022 and everybody mad
‘Cause if you want a verse now then it cost twenty
Whoever counted gang out, shit, they all dummies
Rolling Stone, XXL, the next thing for me
How you even worried ’bout my battle with a clean sword? (How)
Almost sent an SOS but then I seen shore
When you die, it ain’t no waking up, fuck I’ma sleep for?
Hit him with that Porter’s X2, now he a particle
I don’t rap battle, forty weapons in my arsenal
He a clown trusting hoes, someone get him to the carnival
Helmut Lang, Warren Lotus, walking out looking remarkable
Water like the Gulf of Mexico, I tried the cuban [hang?]
Fuck an arm and leg, I paid a body for this Human Made
I was in the field for real while you was doing two a day
Locked in with money, I been staying out of Cupid range
Turkey Man busting down the ‘bows
Riding right next to him, shipping out a load
Mari, MJ, and 40 tripping with the Pro’s
Whipping what’s it called with what’s his name, we in the store
I’m on a different magnitude, I maxed out my attributes
Keep your two cents ’cause I don’t ever remember asking you
Told her, «Quit the attitude», she gon’ get a bag or two
Supreme dripping off my shirt, this not Thrasher, dude
The dumbest shit to do is compare me to you
The dumbest shit to do is comparing us to them
Like I don’t know a team could match up
Rafael Nadal, bitch, I’m racked up
Letterman say Saint Laurent, look like I play for Varsity
‘Fore I let you get a ‘Wood, I gotta grab the darkest leaf
Quick to have you looking crazy, don’t you even start with me
Your bitch wake up early, brush her teeth then she gargle me



[Verse 2]
What you want? Some Dosidos or the Snickerdoodle?
We don’t sell no tea cups, nah, this the bigger poodle
You could find us everywhere, TV, Twitter, Google
I could tell the worker used the work, I see it in her pupils
If you look into my eyes, you gon’ see the vision
They don’t think how I think so I been keeping distance
I was in the field where it’s hot, Larry Fitzgerald
In the ‘Raq with chicken on me, I ain’t have to hit Harold’s
F&Ns and Desert Eagles, these some big barrels (Bah, ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia)




Leaving out for school with headphones in the bag
2017, was getting to it, skipping class
Mappin’ out a plan that every play get split in half
Half in the stash and half in the scams





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